The bond between mother and daughter is something special: Mother-Daughter Jewelry

Published: 01st March 2011
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The bond between mother and daughter is something special. Express how much you care for one another with specially designed mother-daughter gifts, mother-daughter jewelry and mother-daughter rings from the Bradford Exchange.

Show your daughter that she is one of the most important people in your life with “My Precious Daughter” Birthstone Bracelet. This slim 24 karat gold plated band is complete with 12 hand set genuine personalized birth stones. Inside of the bracelet is engraved the touching sentiment “My Daughter, you are a precious jewel to treasure forever.”

Celebrate the love that can only happen between a parent and a child with the exclusive “Today, Tomorrow, Always” Diamond Pendant and matching mother-daughter ring. Both pieces are crafted of solid sterling silver and contain matching paves of genuine diamonds and an engraved sentiment. Complete the mother-daughter jewelry set with the “My Precious Daughter” Diamond Bracelet.

Show your eternal connection with this special piece of mother-daughter jewelry. “Always My Daughter” Sterling Silver Diamond Necklace” has a small heart with a diamond solitaire that has been cut out of a larger heart. The two hearts represent the special mother-daughter bond. “A Daughter’s Heart” Pendant similarly displays two entwined sterling silver hearts with 24 karat gold plated accents and message of love engraved on the back: “A Mother Holds her Daughter’s Heart Forever”

Choose a mother-daughter gift for the new daughter coming into your life. “My Precious Daughter-In-Law” Music Box or “Dear Daughter-in Law” Music Box make stunning gifts. These two limited edition music boxes are made from handcrafted porcelain and designed by Ardleigh Elliott. “My Precious Daughter-In Law music box is made to look like an Italian charm bracelet. The box is detailed with 22 karat gold and Swarovski crystal on top. The musical melody plays “You are So Beautiful.”

The “Dear Daughter-In-Law” Music Box is shaped like a letter and accented with hand-painted blue forget-me-nots and plays the song “Always in My Heart.” Either of these music boxes will make a lovely bridal shower gift and will make your new daughter-in-law feel welcome into your family.

“Trilogy of Love” Diamond Pendant joins your family together through the generations. This beautiful heirloom necklace has three joining sterling silver circles to represent the family bond: the first circle is the daughter’s love, the second circle is a mother’s inspiration and the third circle is grandmother’s wisdom. Each circle has its own pave of diamonds and the center circle is plated with 24 karat gold.

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